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Welcome to your new and improved practice website and we hope you enjoy the new look.

Please do remember to keep visiting us as we are always looking to add lots of new and exciting online services and features for your benefit.

Plus this particular part of the website is dedicated to giving you the very latest news about your practice and is regularly updated.

Your Views On NHS Funding

The NHS is facing a huge financial challenge and growing demand for services.  In east and north Hertfordshire, the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for making sure that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely, so that our 597,000 residents can have access to high-quality health services in order to stay as healthy as possible. The CCG would like to hear your views on how difficult decisions about NHS funds should be spent and hear your suggestions about ways in which we can make savings. To complete the survey please click on the following link:  The survey is open until 20 March 2017. For more information please click here.

New non-emergency travel service phone number

Click here for details

Have your say

A survey has just been launched asking patients registered with practices in North Hertfordshire for their views on extended access to GP Practices during evenings and weekends/early mornings depending on local demand. To take part in this survey please click on the link below.

 Adult Community Mental Health Services are Moving Temporarily

From Monday 25th January 2016, the Outpatient clinics previously held at Centenary House will temporarily move to the:

Mental Health Unit, Lister Hospital, Stevenage, SG1 4AB

For all enquiries regarding your outpatient appointments, the new number is 01438 285213.

For all other enquiries, please ring 01462 482238.

Named Accountable GP

By the end of June 2015 all patients (including children) will have been assigned a named, accountable GP.  This will normally be your registered GP.  The named GP will take lead responsibility for the coordination of all appropriate services required and ensure they are delivered to each of their patients where required.

You will still be able to see any GP at the practice and not only your named GP.

We will be informing patients of their named GP during the year by various methods or you can contact the practice if you wish to know who your named GP is.

If you have a preference for your named GP please let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate this request.

GP Earnings

Please note that :

NHS England require that the net earnings of doctors engaged in the practice is publicised, and the required disclosure is shown below. However it should be noted that the prescribed method for calculating earnings is potentially misleading because it takes no account of how much time doctors spend working in the practice, and should not be used to form any judgement about GP earnings, nor to make any comparison with any other practice.


GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice.



The average pay, before tax and National Insurance, for GPs working in


Regal Chambers Surgery in the last financial year was ………...…..…


The number of full time GPs that this relates to is …………..………


The number of part time GPs that this relates to is ……..…………..


The number of locum GPs working in the practice for


over six months, that this relates to is ………..………………………


New cancellation facility

We now offer you the choice to cancel an appointment via our phone system. You can leave a message with your name, date of birth and appointment date and time. This means you no longer have to speak to reception to cancel an appointment. You can call anytime even out of hours. Unfortunately we are unable to rebook an appointment via the cancellation option, should you need to re book you would still need to speak to reception or book online.

Electronic prescribing

We have recently implamented electronic prescribing. Patients wishing to participate in this service will need to sign up to a local chemist or chemist of their choice and inform reception of their nominated chemist.

Patients who are newly registering with us who may have had this service out of the area will need to sign up with a nearby chemist and let reception know they wish to continue.



New contractual requirements came into force on 1st April 2014 requiring that GP Practices should make available a statement of intent in relation to the following ICT developments:

  1. Summary Care Record (SCR)
  2. GP to GP Record Transfers
  3. Patient Online Access to Their GP Record
  4. Data for commissioning and other secondary care purposes

The same contractual obligations require that we have a statement of intent regarding these developments in place and publicised by 30th September 2014.

Please find below details of the practices stance with regards to these points.

1              Summary Care Record (SCR)
NHS England require practices to enable successful automated uploads of any changes to a patients summary information, at least on a daily basis, to the summary care record (SCR), or have published plans in place to achieve this by 31st of March 2015.

Having your Summary Care Record (SCR) available will help anyone treating you without your full medical record, if they have a compatible computer system. They will have access to information about any medication you may be taking and any drugs that you have recorded allergy or sensitivity to.

Of course, if you do not want your medical records to be available in this way then you will need to let us know so that we can update your record.

Regal Chambers Surgery confirms that your SCR is automatically updated on at least a daily basis to ensure that your information is as up-to-date as it can possibly be.

2              GP to GP Electronic Record Transfers (GP2GP)
NHS England require practices to utilise the GP2GP facility for the electronic transfer of patient records between practices, where possible between compatible computer systems, when a patient registers, or de-registers (not for temporary registration).

It is very important that you are registered with a doctor at all times. If you leave your GP and register with a new GP, your paper medical records will be removed from your previous doctor and forwarded on to your new GP via NHS England. It can take your paper records up to two weeks (or sometimes more) weeks to reach your new surgery.

With GP to GP record transfers your electronic record is transferred to your new practice much sooner.

Regal Chambers Surgery confirms that GP to GP transfers are already active and we send and receive patient records via this system.

3              Patient Online Access to Their GP Record
NHS England require practices to promote and offer the facility to enable patients online access to appointments, prescriptions, allergies and adverse reactions, or have published plans to achieve this by 31st March 2015.

Regal Chambers Surgery confirms that we currently offer the facility for booking and cancelling appointments, ordering authorised repeat prescriptions and the ability to view your summary care record on-line via the surgery website. This requires each patient to register for the service, by completing an application form and providing the necessary supporting documentation to verify a patient’s identity. Once registered for this service, patients are issued with a unique username and password.

4              Data for commissioning and other secondary care purposes
It is already a requirement of the Health and Social Care Act that practices must meet the reasonable data requirements of commissioners and other health and social care organisations through appropriate and safe data sharing for secondary uses, as specified in the technical specification for

At Regal Chambers Surgery we have specific arrangements in place to allow patients to ‘opt-out’ of which allows for the removal of data from the practice. Please ask at Reception for the ‘opt-out’ form.

Regal Chambers Surgery confirms these arrangements are in place and that we undertake annual training and audits to ensure that all our data is handled correctly and safely via the national Information Governance Toolkit.

Regal Chambers Surgery Online

Would you like to be able to securely book and cancel appointments, request/order repeat prescriptions, send questions/messages to the doctors/surgery, as well as fill out the very latest patient health questionnaires, plus much much more at a click of a button?

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please call into reception to pick up a pack. Please note in order to hand the form back in you will need to show a receptionist your ID preferably photographic so that the receptionist can sign to say they have seen it. You will then be issued with your unique username and password.

NHS 111 Service

Anyone who lives in, or is visiting, Hertfordshire, can now call 111 when they need medical help fast, but it's not a 999 emergency, life-threatening situation.

The new NHS 111 service is being introduced as part of the wider revisions to the urgent care service to make it easier for the public to access the right services.

NHS 111 provides a new way to ensure people receive the right care, from the right person, in the right place, at the right time. They will be assessed, given advice and directed straight away to the local service that can help them best.  That could be A&E, an urgent care centre, an out of hours GP, a minor injuries unit, community nurse or late opening pharmacist.

The 111 number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Calls from landlines and mobile phones are free. For less urgent health needs, patients should still contact their GP or local pharmacist in the usual way.

NHS 111 can help to take the pressure off the 999 emergency service and local A&E departments, which many people turn to if they don’t know where else to go for the urgent help they need.

So remember if you need medical help fast, but it's not a 999 emergency, you can now call 111. It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls are free, including from mobiles.

You'll be asked some questions to assess your symptoms, given advice and directed straightaway to the local service that can help you best. If you do need an ambulance, one will be sent just as quickly as if you had dialled 999. The NHS 111 service is now available to callers living in or visiting Hertfordshire. For more information go here  

Closure of A&E at QEII 

Please note that from Wednesday 1st October 2014 the A&E services at the QEII Hospital will be closed and this will be replaced by a 24 hour Urgent Care Centre to treat minor injuries/illnesses for further information please click here.    

Surgery Closure

A pharmacist can give advice on common health problems and many are open all over the bank holidays.

Alternatively, if you need to see or get advice from a GP during this period then phone NHS 111 (more information about this service is available here) or visit West Herts Medical Centre in Hemel Hempstead.

There is more information available here 

Appointment System Information

You spoke and we listened. We've heard how unhappy you are with the previous appointment system and so it's changed!

In the first instance, you will be directed to see the Urgent Care nurses for things like infections, rashes, upset tummy etc. The nurses are specially trained and able to prescribe medication.

If you have a problem that is medically urgent that the nurses cannot deal with, you will be given a time to come along and sit and wait to see one of the Duty doctors. You will no longer have to speak to them first to get an appointment. We realise that some problems can be dealt with by telephone and so, for those problems e.g. prescription query, medical certificate, you will be given a telephone slot and the doctor will call you back. They will not make repeated attempts so please keep your phone available.

We plan that this new system will reduce the waste in GP time and increase the availability of appointments.


  • If it can be dealt with by the phone, and is not medically urgent, you will be given a phone appointment.
  • If it is medically urgent, you will be asked either to see the Urgent Care nurse or to come and sit and wait at various times of the day. Patients may be seen according to the clinical urgency of the problem.
  • If it's not urgent then you can make a routine appointment to see your own GP

medically urgent problem is a recent deterioration of an on-going problem, for example, if your asthma suddenly gets worse or is not currently being treated by another doctor or under review by another doctor or is a new problem that started less than 6 weeks ago.

The Duty doctor will only deal with your urgent medical problem. If your problem is not medically urgent you will be asked to book a routine appointment to deal with the problem.

Test Results Information

Please note when you are asked to speak to a doctor, or to book an appointment, this is a routine matter and does not imply you need to be seen urgently. If there is an urgent problem, the doctor will phone you directly. Please remember it is your responsibility to phone and find out the results of your tests.  

Alternatively if you have opted in to receiving test results via SMS we have made some minor changes to the way we manage test results.

Please be aware when getting test results via SMS you may receive more than one text as one blood test appointment can lead to multiple laboratory tests. Some of the results may be normal, some may not. You will get separate texts for each report and these may be different.

Please note this is not a system error but occurs as the individual results arrive back at the practice separately. Some are quicker than others so there may be a gap between each text you receive.

Patient Reference Group (PRG)

What is the PRG? We are a group of patients who have volunteered (in response to a request from the surgery that was made to all patients) to represent you. We plan to communicate with you via annual newsletters which will be published on this website in a downloadable format and also made available at the reception desk in the surgery. This will help the practice keep in touch with everyone. From time to time, newsletters will include questionnaires that will provide the practice with useful feedback from patients.

As above we will also publish the notes from the PRG meetings as well as any comments from the questionnaire with responses from the practice which will again be made available in a downloadable format and you can download the latest notes here today!!! For those of you interested you can also download the very latest Patient Participation Report here today!!! To join the patient group, view all previous minutes from our meetings and any other documents published by the practice or group please select the "Patient Group" tab loctated withinin the Further Information Section of the website or click here.

Private Fees

Sadly, there has been an unacceptable number of instances when patients request private letters or forms to be completed and then do not collect them. This means that valuable GP and secretarial time has been wasted. In addition, patients are frequently not paying when they are invoiced for the work they have requested.

Therefore, from 1.1.2012, we will not provide any private letters or forms unless we have received full payment.

We are really very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause patients who would have behaved otherwise.

You can download the latest practice fees for all non-NHS services here today!!!

Registered GP Information

Occasionally patients ask to change their registered GP.

For some years now, patients have registered with a 'practice' rather than with an individual practitioner.

Registration at our end is for administrative purposes only and, whilst we encourage patients to see their named doctor (or the doctor who is looking after them) for continuity - ultimately we feel that it is the patient's choice and so you can see whomever you choose.

All we would ask is that you keep to the same doctor. This is beneficial both to your clinical care and also helps to build doctor/patient relationships.

It is not necessary to change your registration.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)

Want to link patient information from all the different places patients receive care in order to provide a full picture. Information such as postcode and NHS number (but not name) will be used to link information to a secure system which does not reveal identity, but will enable researchers and those planning health services to make sure they provide the best care for everyone.

Patients will have a choice of whether they wish for their data to be included or not. Please click here for more information. Alternatively visit

Our diabetes service is taking part in the National Diabetes Audit (NDA). The NDA checks whether people with diabetes are getting good care. For more information click here.

Monthly Surgery Statistics

All of the following information detailed below ranges from 1st September to the 30th September.

Total number of new patients registered = 96

Total number of acute prescriptions done = 1975

Total number of repeat prescriptions done = 1084

Total number of hits on practice website = 9239

Total number of home visits = 181

Total number of telephone consultations including the triage system = 844

Total number of face to face consultations = 3312

Total number of patients seen, phoned or visited = 4337

Total number of referrals done = 354

Total number of patient DNA's (Did Not Attend Booked Appointment) = 154

This means 25.67 hours of wasted clinician's time.


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